About Me

Hi, I am Damilare Bakare; I am a young man who loves the internet and technology currently undergoing a B.Tech certificate Course and above all, I have the passion of helping people with their technology problems and researching for solution which resulted to KampeBlog. My blogging passion just recently started and am already in love with it.

You can find me on Twitter and Google +

I found blogging as the easy way to share my researches, solutions and inform people with technology or internet difficulties to find my blog.

KampeBlog deals with  Technology, Computers, Mobiles Phones, Internet and many more Tech devices
I also engage myself with different online stuffs


  1. Hello, what's your twitter handle? And if u use a blackberry, I wouldn't mind having your pin, if that's ok by you. Need to find out some things about the internet and social media from you. Thank u.

    1. hi, am sorry for not including it does details, am will include them above but my twitter handler is @damizille my BlackBerry pin is 25F10EE5... will be expect your contact.



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