Thursday, 13 June 2013

How To Hide Your facebook Friend List From Your Profile

As most of us know it, facebook is really a great place and has been a great place to meet old friends and also meet new ones and even interact with them. One of facebook aim is to increase users privacy on the social network so new changes always roll up especially to help increase one's privacy on the site.  Now there is a new update which is "how to hide facebook friends list"

When I mean hide, even people that are your friends will not see your friends list on your profile talk less of people that are not your friends. Facebook has notice that some facebook users check out other users friends list to see the friends and also some business friends and they will add them up without asking from the friend whose list was checked.

How To Hide Facebook Friends List

If you have decide you want to hide your facebook friends list, this is how to do it with easy and not having any problem. This is a new feature facebook just introduced and not a tweak or trick so you don't have anything to be scared of.

Step 1: Login To Your Facebook Account

Step 2: After logged in to your account, type this to your address bar “

Step 3: Click on "Edit" and then "Edit Privacy"

how to hide facebook friends list

Step 4: After that, From the "friends list" menu click on the drop down arrow and select "Only Me"
how to hide facebook friends list -privacy settings

Step 5: Click on close and you are done

If you follow the steps showed in both the pictures and in the best you are meant to get a pop up saying  "change Successful" and that it, you have just hid your friends list from your profile.

Once the changes has been made, Only you can see your friends list and no one else can see it, by doing this you are protecting the rights of the people who are in your friends list and also increasing the privacy level of your facebook account. I hope you have learned on "How To Hide Facebook friend List"

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

10 Best Useful Softwares For Your PC Or Laptop

There are lots of software especially for your computer and laptop that can get your computer filled but these software are not just useful, when I say useful I mean softwares that should be used at least once a week.
The software maybe different because of what people like are totally different, so I will try to list and explain the best softwares for your computer that will be useful to everyone, so if you don't have these software you should consider to get them installed in your computer or laptop.

Best Useful Softwares For Your PC Or Laptop

1.VLC Player

vlc best useful software for pc or laptop


This is a very important and a very common player for every computer should have, the player supports many audio or video format so you should consider getting a VLC player for your computer to enjoy the accurate sound and video quality  from what you are playing.

2. Picasa

picasa best useful software for pc or laptop


This is a very good image view and editor, Picasa it has a very unique way of viewing images, it also supports lots of image format and even video at times. It has a automatic feature which scans through your computer for new picture and updates it library by itself. The cool thing about picasa is that it also allows you to edit your picture with some cool and standard photo editing features.

3. Skype

skype best useful software for pc or laptop
This is a very common and widely used chat software for computers and laptop, it provides many types of chat features such as video calling, audio calling, chatting by messaging and all these for free expect you want to use their special feature such as having a conference call or video call or calling to mobile phones from skype. So get on install skype enjoy these features and chat and meet friends.

4. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

internet download manager best useful software for pc or laptop
This is a great internet download which is very useful for internet users who want to enjoy download speed and pausing and playing feature on downloading internet download manager has all this features. It is not a free software but you have 30 days free trail but if you can't afford it you can be easily cracked it but you can buy to support the developer.

5. Tera Copy

tera copy best useful software for pc or laptop

This is a very useful software for every computer should have, this software speed in transferring data from one place to another which is even faster than windows built-in copier. So if you don't like the speed of your windows copier download Tera Copy to do the work for you and enjoy the speed.

6. iTunes

itunes best useful software for pc or laptop

This a very cool software for computers developed by Apple, it a very cool audio player as it arranges your music playlist and makes you fall in love with music because of it very interactive interface. Install iTunes and enjoy music to it fullest.

7. CorelDraw

coreldraw best useful software for pc or laptop

When it comes to do with graphics such as designing and building your creativity, you should learn how to use coreldraw and show your creativity to it fullest. Design, paint, draw, photo edit and so much more.

8. Antivirus

antivirus best useful software for pc or laptop
This is a very essential software for every computer should have, The reason why am not specifically writing about one is because everyone has what you like and what you don't like so if you want to choose an antivirus for your computer you can also check out this post on Best Antivirus For Windows 8, those antivirus are also available for windows OS and not only windows 8.

9. CCleaner

ccleaner best useful software for pc or laptop
This is a very great tool, which helps you clear your history or cache and other from your browser on computer and also scans through your register to check if you have any problem in your register on your computer or laptop and actually repairs them for you.

10. Total Video Converter

total video converter best useful software for pc or laptop

Total video converter is a very cool and important tool which helps one convert videos from different format and size to a lesser version or format for phones, iPod,  mini player and so much more. Total Video Converter also convert audio files too.

These are the top and best software that are very useful to everyone, so if you don't have one I think you should so get the software that are not useful and install the useful ones and have fun with your computer or laptop.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

7 Best Antivirus Software For Windows 8

There are lot of antivirus around but looking for the best antivirus software for windows 8 users have become case but for windows 8 users to know the best or top antivirus for the latest windows 8 which will provide none stop protect of their computer and files.

As computer users know virus is one of the most feared in the computing world as it demolish and even transmit document or data to the developer of the virus, so keeping your computer safe and in check of all this virus you need a good antivirus. In this post I will list some top or best antivirus software for windows 8 either free or paid.


List Of The Top Or Best Antivirus Software For Windows 8

Like I have said before I am listing the best antivirus software for windows 8, So it you choice to decide which will serve you better for your windows 8

  • Bitdefender Antivirus 
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • AVG Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Norton Antivirus
  • G Data Antivirus
  • Avira Antivirus  

 1. Bitdefender Antivirus

best antivirus software for windows 8 -bitdefender antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus is a very popular and common paid antivirus software used by thousands of computer operator, when it comes to protecting your computer or data from malware attacks then Bitdefender is the best and when it comes to the best antivirus software for windows 8 then Bitdefender should be considered as one good antivirus to recon with. But there is something I noticed about Bitdefender it slows down the speed of the computer when scanning is going on.

2. Microsoft Security Essentials

best antivirus software for windows 8 - microsoft security essential
This is a free Antivirus which was developed or created by Microsoft, this antivirus which I have used and am still using and since I have been using it my computer has not given any sort of problem of virus or data corrupting or it not detecting virus when it sees one. The antivirus software works well with given a very low configured system. So when deciding on what is the best antivirus software for windows 8 then Microsoft Security Essentials should be considered.

3. AVG Antivirus

best antivirus software for windows 8 - avg antivrus
With it long stay in the antivirus world which has been successful, the AVG antivirus software is also good when it comes to protecting your data on your windows 8, AVG antivirus software is very good when it comes to detecting virus, spyware and malware which comes with a 24x7 support service center. There also a free version of AVG Antivirus for your windows 8. AVG antivirus is indeed one of the best antivirus software for windows 8.

4. Kaspersky Antivirus

best antivirus software for windows 8 - Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus is a great antivirus software which has a very big reputation in the internet and even the virus themselves know Kaspersky antivirus, Kaspersky antivirus which is not free but still sell for windows 8 users. So if you like the antivirus which is in one of the list of best antivirus software for windows 8 you can get it from the market or buy it online.

5. Norton Antivirus

best antivirus software for windows 8 - Norton antivirus

Norton antivirus is another great antivirus when it comes to having a computer virus free and secured computer, Norton gives the user the efficient right start the scanning and also finish the process, it is a paid software but very popular among computer users. Norton is also among the best antivirus software for windows 8.

6. G Data Antivirus

best antivirus software for windows 8 - G data antivirus
G Data Antivirus which has become one of the popular antivirus for 2013 and also on windows 8 which is why its among the best antivirus software for windows 8. The G Data antivirus has a high efficiency when it comes to detecting virus and worms online and it also very easy to use for windows 8.

7. Avira Antivirus

best antivirus software for windows 8 - avira antivirus

Avira Antivirus is a great antivirus software which is regarded as one of the best antivirus for windows 8 and it also free to use. Avira antivirus is very good when it comes it scanning and searching for virus or worms. It has a very easy to use interface and user friendly for your computers.

These various antivirus software are not arranged according to their position or according to the best but they are the most widely used antivirus software for windows 8 and since their are no user complaint then these antivirus software are the best antivirus software for windows 8. So pick yours and download and protect your computers from been infected.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Best facebook Tricks And Tips 2013

facebook as we know is the biggest and largest social network when it comes to users and activities on the network, some users spend hours, days and even weekend without logging out from their account. There are some tricks that one can use to make your stay in facebook site more interesting and stress free with some latest trick of this year, I know we are already at the half or middle of 2013 but it worth it.

Top And Best Facebook Tricks And Tips

1. Download Facebook Photo Album in one click

To be downloading photos one by one can be really stressful but downloading the whole album the way you have arranged it on facebook is really interesting and better and the most cool part is that you can download the photo album with one click.
download facebook photo album facebook tricks

Yes! one click, all you have to do is to go to this website or app and follow the process or procedures below.

  1.  The site will ask you to sign in with your facebook username and password.
  2. Choose the friend whose photo album you want to download
  3. then select the album and download it.... easy!

2. Find Who Unfriend You On facebook

Most of us don't know when people unfriend us on facebook, this trick is to let you know when facebook users, your friend unfriend you on facebook.

Download Chrome Extension for to know when people unfriends you. Install it and after installation when you open your facebook account you will find a tab at the top beside the "home" tab top right corner called "unfriend".

The app will notify you when someone unfriends you. Download and keep track.

3. Conference Facebook Chat

This is a way to have a conference conversion like that you do on your mobile phones but this will be on your facebook chat box. this is quiet easy but you will need to know what buttons to click to allow more than two people chat with one chat box.
multi chat best facebook trick

4. Delete And Deactivate Facebook Account

Finding how to delete or deactivating your facebook for sometime or permanently then you should read this Deactivate or Delete Facebook account

5. Edit facebook Comment

yes, you can now edit your facebook comment easily, this feature is good if you made a error with what you typed as a comment or post you can edit it easily.
edit comments and posts

6. How To Add Anchor Text To links On facebook
This trick is mostly for people who really want to increase their facebook page like, as this will help them get more like to their page. 

insert anchor text to links

Copy the code below into your facebook status box

Did you like our page?@@[0:[216688551731140:1:All Tech Tricks?]]
Like now @[216688551731140:0] for latest @@[0:[216688551731140:1:tips and tricks]]!

find your page numeric number from and replace the 216688551731140 with your own numeric code.

7. How To Make Your Facebook Profile Picture No Click able

This are for people who like to have more privacy by not allowing people who are not their friends to click on their profile picture. This trick will allow your profile picture to not be click able to people who are not your friends.

  1. Go to your albums >>> Profile Pictures
  2. Then click on the gear button at the top and then adjust the setting.

8. How To Make Facebook Status Blue

This trick is to show you how to make your post or status blue on facebook, you will have to use this code to do it.

@@[1:[0:1: your text]] 

Change the "your text" in the code and put your status there  and post it and it will be blue

9. How to Post An Empty Update On facebook

This trick allows you to update a post status but will be empty, you will use this code to do that.

post empty updates
All you have to do is to copy and paste this code on your status post and post and see

                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]

These tips and tricks above are great and good one, test them for yourself and see what am talking about. Thanks for reading, please can you help me share this post on facebook, twitter and so much more social network. thanks

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Best Lauchers For Android And Tablet

Android launcher are apps that beautify your android phone and also tablets, every android has its own launcher, your homepage which comes with your device where your docks are widget are in is your default launcher but if you want to add a little spice up your android phone or tablet with a new look or design you can download a launcher from your playstore for free. But how do you know you are downloading the best launcher?

That why I have written this post, to let you know about the best launcher available and that can be downloaded from the playstore for free so you can beautify your android phone and tablet easily.

Best Launchers For Android And Tablets Available

1. Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher EX has been around for a very long time right from the days of froyo and the launcher still the best for some android users, Go Launcher EX say that the have highest number of downloadable themes for free. Go launcher allows you to customize your docks, grids and much more. The problem I have are the premiums. Go launcher robust your Android experience.
Go launcher for android devices

Features Of Go Launcher EX

  • More than 5000+ themes available
  • Smooth Operation
  • Lots of Go widgets
  • Easy and full customization feature for fun
  • Draw patterns to active apps
  • Smooth easy transition animation
  • squeezing effect on icons and widgets


2. Launch8

Are you looking for a app that will make you stand out from the crowd of android users? then Launch8 is the best option for you, this launcher turns you android phone to a windows 8 phone experience. Though it kind of difficult getting used to but you will enjoy the android and windows 8 mobile experience. Also makes you stand out. You can even customize your live tiles including the colors and names.
Launch8 launcher for android device

Features Of Go Launch8

  • You can edit the start screen
  • You can add your own tiles
  • Change tiles colours
  • You can even add a android widget to the tiles
  • More then 100+ colours available for tiles
  • Feature to switch the theme to a list form
  • Features tiles,like time ,pictures and contact photo.


3. Facebook Home

 This launchers makes your phones to look and performs the work of a facebook home as it brings updates of what your friends are up to on your home screen, this launcher is all about facebook, it a beautiful fame it brings pictures in and also contact pictures. It helps in utilizing the ultimate facebook dreams.
facebook home launcher for android device

Features Of Facebook Home

  • SMS integration via Chat Heads
  • Facebook home on your homepage
  • Updated facebook updates
  • Photo frames 


4. Nova Launcher

This is another great laucher for android, it also beautifies your android device with the infinite troll on the homepage of your android device. It also has a great scrollable docks so you can easily find your favorite apps.
nova launcher for android device

Features Of Nova Launcher

  • Scroll effects
  • Bulk Add
  • Colour Themes
  • Activities Shortcuts
Thanks for reading customizing your android phones is one of the best ways you can have fun with your device, all these android launcher listed above can be gotten from playstore for free.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Powerful Tips To Make Your Fiverr Gigs Attractive And To Get Sales (Part 1)

A lot of people who use fiverr make no sale for the first month or second month or even forever, I recently published a post on great Fiverr ideas for gigs to get sales, if you have not read it please do so now as it will make you understand this post very well.

Like I gave you Fiverr gigs idea and you have successfully picked one and have created a gig on fiverr, the next thing to do is to make the gig very attractive to client. Making your fiverr gig very attractive matters a lot because the client will not know if you are good at what you do unless you prove to them by explaining and describing your gig very well.

In this post I will share some tips on how to get sales on a new fiverr gig under a week or two weeks as far you work on it.

Tips To Help Make Your Fiverr Gig Attractive To Get Sales

1. Description Of The Fiverr Gig

This is a very important part of a fiverr gig, this tells your client what you gig is all about and what it offers to them if they order your gig. Now to make your description very attractive; tell them how important and professional your gig is, unique and also you can add experience.
Note: Don't start lying if you don't have something to prove or backup

2. Gig Picture

When creating your gig, do not use common pictures as this will make you gig look unprofessional so design your picture or get a picture that is not on fiverr because as a client if I see a picture more than twice on fiverr on different gigs I will order your gig.
So try as much as possible to make your Fiverr gig unique.

3. Gig Video

For every gig you have try as much as possible to create a video for the gigs explaining what is offers and not also there a saying that Fiverr uses video gigs on the featured gigs so if your gig does not have a video it can not be featured in fiverr. So to easily get you gig featured which really helps getting sales.
So when you create a gig, try as much as possible to create a video for the gig for better exposure.

4. Offer Bonus

Offering bonus is one of the major facts that attract sales is bonus when you ready to give much than the usual value present on fiverr, so what you can do is to scan through the Top Seller and see what they offer. So when gigs are giving out 4, give out 5 or even 6.
I know it not easy but later when you have client coming and going you can adjust it back to what you are comfortable with 

Thanks for reading I will be finishing the remaining tips on how to make your fiverr gig attractive to get more sale tomorrow. please say tuned. 

Visit  for more tips and tricks

Monday, 3 June 2013

Top 6 Best Free Anti-Virus For Android Phones And Tablets

Are you looking for a top free antivirus for your android phones and tablets? having a antivirus for your android phone or tablet is very much important as android phones or tablets are usually attacked by virus such as worms and malwares which certainly we don't want in your device as these virus and others destroys your android phone or tablet.

In this post am going list out the top free anti virus for android devices for both phones and tablets and also try to explain what the antivirus does.

Top Free Anti Virus For Android Phones And Tablets

1. AVG AntiVirus

AVG provides a free antivirus for android users both for phones and tablets, this is a great antivirus for you android device as it protect your device from attacks by virus, worms, malwares and even spyware.
avg free antivirus for android phones and tablets

Main Features Of AVG Antivirus For Android Users (Phones And tablets)
  •  It scans through your phone or tablets and go through your device settings and when it see problems it advises you on how to fix them.
  • It helps you scan through SMS to protect your device.
  • It can be scheduled to run daily, weekly on your android device.
  • It ensures that  your media files, bookmarks, contact etc are free from virus, worms malware and even spyware.
  • Anti theft and location finding with the use of Google maps, so if your device is stolen it can be found with this feature.
  • it also backup your applications and place them on your memory cards and they can be restored when neccessary.
  • It tries to maximize your battery, storage and mobile data package to optimize the device.
  • It also provides a app lock feature where you can lock your apps easily.

2. Kaspersky Mobile Security 

Most of us will know Kaspersky from their computer, they provide free antivirus security for android phones and tablets, kaspersky allows you block and find missing phone also allows you to filter calls and also protect your devices such as tablets and phones from virus, worms, malwares and spyware.
kaspersky free antivirus for android phones and tablets

Main Features Of Kaspersky Mobile Security

  • Automatic scans for virus from apps installed
  • it has a Admin feature
  • Over-the-air antivirus updates
  • you can set a schedule scan with the antivirus
  • it also helps in anti theft
  • call and sms filtering
  • Privacy setting not allowing everyone see what you don't want them to see.

3. Avast  AntiVirus 

Avast Provides a free anti virus protection for android phones and tablets, it protects one android phone or tablet from been attacked by others such as virus, worms etc.
avast free antivirus for android phones and tablets

 Main Features Of Avast Antivirus

  •  it scans your phone content such as apps and media files to protect them from virus and attacks.
  • it helps save battery as it runs on only when neccessary
  • it provides a widget at the phone desktop to keep you updated
  • web shield which scan urls when loading to notify you if the web page is infected
  • Anti Theft
  • Network meter
  • call and sms filtering
  • shield control

4. LookOut Security And Anitvirus

LookOut Security help mobile users to protect their phones from virus and others, LookOut security provides a free anti virus and also a premium package.
LookOut free antivirus for android phones and tablets

Main Features Of LookOut Security

  • It protects your android device from spyware, malware, virus etc
  • It automatically backups your contacts and can be restore from the website.
  • It scans emails and attachments
  • It helps again theft with the aid of Google maps

5. COMODO Mobile Security

This is another good antivirus for android users, this antivirus is free to use as it protects your android phone or tablets from virus, privacy threats, worms, spyware and malware  and so many more. It also has a feature that optimize your device  for your device to run smoothly.

comodo free antivirus for android phones and tablets

Main Features Of Comodo Mobile Security

  • it helps in scanning your device with one touch and also schedule scans.
  • It also performs a health check to notify you of any virus or risky or unsafe apps on your android device.
  • It helps against anti theft with the use of Google maps
  • It has a feature of software or app manager
  • SMS and Call blocking
  • It also helps in backup of your contact, files and more.

6. Zoner Antivirus

Zoner Antivirus is a free app for android users both phone and tablets as this helps to protect one device from contacting infections such as virus, spyware and so on.
zoner free antivirus for android phones and tablets

Main Feature Of Zoner Antivirus

  • It protects your android phone or tablet from virus, worm, spyware, malwares etc
  • SMS and Call blocking.
  • Schedule scans 
These are the top free antivirus for android phones and tablets I hope you like them, so if you don't have a antivirus software or app on your android phone or tablet please do download one and scan your device.

I won't advice you to have two or more antivirus on a device as this is very risky to the device. One antivirus is okay for your android phone or tablet.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

7 Must Have Free Games For Android Users

There are some certain free games Android users must have to stay invoke with the games especially when it comes to free and interesting games which are breaking ways all over the world, these free games listed here are games which have gotten more the 50,000+ download and are all available for download at the Google play store. 

So if you don't have any of these games may be you try and download them and see how interesting and what really ties people to their Android phones, these must have free games are very people especially for Android users.

Free Must Have Games For Android Users

1. Candy Crush Saga

Must of you will know this game since it a very popular game and that why is one of the must have free games for Android users. This game was first integrated on facebook and when users and players showed much love to the game, it was decided to bring the game to Android and iPhone users.
candy crush sage must have free android game

This is a level games where you have to match a set of coloured candy for like 3 rows, the games also has a facebook button where you can also show your friends your high score and even have competitions with this games.

2. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is another set of must have free game for Android users that I must not forget to mention in this post, with over 100,000+ download and still increasing, the games which comes in different stages and design but they are still the same game.

andry birds, must have  free android games
The free android game, is the use of birds (angry birds) to use to destroy other structures contains other animations  with the use of a cataport. Angry Birds is a games Android users must have.

3. Real Racing 3

Real racing 3 is a free android game that every car race lover must have, the games shows one real race tracks with awesome controls and also different car ranging from Porsche, BMW and even Lamborghini and much more like 22+ different cars.

real racing must have free games for android
When it comes to the graphic Real Racing 3 brings it just unbeatable as a free android game. That why i included it in this post. The game is a must have game for android users and game lovers.

4. Temple Run

Temple Run which was just recent released as gone viral and almost all Android users have it that why I call it a must have game for Android users.

temple run a must have game
This game bring a unique set of adventure and it all about running and not allowing some animals catch you and also jumping, sliding are all included in this game, this free game actually ties users and players to their phones including me :) , So if you have not downloaded this free game, you should now as it free.

5. Zombie Frontier 

The games shows you in 2020 when the city caught infected by a virus, you know how zombie movies always start with that how this game story is like, so as a survivor you have to kill zombies that come your way.
a must have free game for android

The game enlights one about weapons and also ammo, it also allows you to buy guns and also ammo. So if you are looking for a shooting game you should conside Zombie Frontier which is a free game and also must have one.

6. Jackpack Joyride

I call this game Android mario, this game is nothing different from surviving and dodging the enemies weapons, missile and  obstacles the enemy will set in place for you.

jetpack joyride a must have free game for android
This is also a must have free game for android users, perform missions and also get into different levels and get each level as a new feature to make the game interesting.

7. Jewels

This is a games you may know and may have played before, this is where you have colourful diamonds, all you have to do is to arrange the diamonds by colours to form a pair of three either vertical or horizontal.
jewels a must have free game for android

Its a must have free android for adults and even kids. download it and have fun.

I hope you like all the games listed in this post, you should download them and see why i call it a must have free game for android users. If you suggestion for games that you will like us to know about, for those who get the insufficient space error on playstore fix. please you can use the comment box below and all this games can be gotten from Google Play store