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Best facebook Tricks And Tips 2013

facebook as we know is the biggest and largest social network when it comes to users and activities on the network, some users spend hours, days and even weekend without logging out from their account. There are some tricks that one can use to make your stay in facebook site more interesting and stress free with some latest trick of this year, I know we are already at the half or middle of 2013 but it worth it.

Top And Best Facebook Tricks And Tips

1. Download Facebook Photo Album in one click

To be downloading photos one by one can be really stressful but downloading the whole album the way you have arranged it on facebook is really interesting and better and the most cool part is that you can download the photo album with one click.
download facebook photo album facebook tricks

Yes! one click, all you have to do is to go to this website or app and follow the process or procedures below.

  1.  The site will ask you to sign in with your facebook username and password.
  2. Choose the friend whose photo album you want to download
  3. then select the album and download it.... easy!

2. Find Who Unfriend You On facebook

Most of us don't know when people unfriend us on facebook, this trick is to let you know when facebook users, your friend unfriend you on facebook.

Download Chrome Extension for to know when people unfriends you. Install it and after installation when you open your facebook account you will find a tab at the top beside the "home" tab top right corner called "unfriend".

The app will notify you when someone unfriends you. Download and keep track.

3. Conference Facebook Chat

This is a way to have a conference conversion like that you do on your mobile phones but this will be on your facebook chat box. this is quiet easy but you will need to know what buttons to click to allow more than two people chat with one chat box.
multi chat best facebook trick

4. Delete And Deactivate Facebook Account

Finding how to delete or deactivating your facebook for sometime or permanently then you should read this Deactivate or Delete Facebook account

5. Edit facebook Comment

yes, you can now edit your facebook comment easily, this feature is good if you made a error with what you typed as a comment or post you can edit it easily.
edit comments and posts

6. How To Add Anchor Text To links On facebook
This trick is mostly for people who really want to increase their facebook page like, as this will help them get more like to their page. 

insert anchor text to links

Copy the code below into your facebook status box

Did you like our page?@@[0:[216688551731140:1:All Tech Tricks?]]
Like now @[216688551731140:0] for latest @@[0:[216688551731140:1:tips and tricks]]!

find your page numeric number from and replace the 216688551731140 with your own numeric code.

7. How To Make Your Facebook Profile Picture No Click able

This are for people who like to have more privacy by not allowing people who are not their friends to click on their profile picture. This trick will allow your profile picture to not be click able to people who are not your friends.

  1. Go to your albums >>> Profile Pictures
  2. Then click on the gear button at the top and then adjust the setting.

8. How To Make Facebook Status Blue

This trick is to show you how to make your post or status blue on facebook, you will have to use this code to do it.

@@[1:[0:1: your text]] 

Change the "your text" in the code and put your status there  and post it and it will be blue

9. How to Post An Empty Update On facebook

This trick allows you to update a post status but will be empty, you will use this code to do that.

post empty updates
All you have to do is to copy and paste this code on your status post and post and see

                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]

These tips and tricks above are great and good one, test them for yourself and see what am talking about. Thanks for reading, please can you help me share this post on facebook, twitter and so much more social network. thanks


  1. Hey there Bro. Boy I love these tips.... I really found 6. How To Add Anchor Text To links On facebook useful.... nice blog bro...

    1. Thanks very much Wilson, these tips and tricks are good ones


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