Sunday, 9 June 2013

Best Lauchers For Android And Tablet

Android launcher are apps that beautify your android phone and also tablets, every android has its own launcher, your homepage which comes with your device where your docks are widget are in is your default launcher but if you want to add a little spice up your android phone or tablet with a new look or design you can download a launcher from your playstore for free. But how do you know you are downloading the best launcher?

That why I have written this post, to let you know about the best launcher available and that can be downloaded from the playstore for free so you can beautify your android phone and tablet easily.

Best Launchers For Android And Tablets Available

1. Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher EX has been around for a very long time right from the days of froyo and the launcher still the best for some android users, Go Launcher EX say that the have highest number of downloadable themes for free. Go launcher allows you to customize your docks, grids and much more. The problem I have are the premiums. Go launcher robust your Android experience.
Go launcher for android devices

Features Of Go Launcher EX

  • More than 5000+ themes available
  • Smooth Operation
  • Lots of Go widgets
  • Easy and full customization feature for fun
  • Draw patterns to active apps
  • Smooth easy transition animation
  • squeezing effect on icons and widgets


2. Launch8

Are you looking for a app that will make you stand out from the crowd of android users? then Launch8 is the best option for you, this launcher turns you android phone to a windows 8 phone experience. Though it kind of difficult getting used to but you will enjoy the android and windows 8 mobile experience. Also makes you stand out. You can even customize your live tiles including the colors and names.
Launch8 launcher for android device

Features Of Go Launch8

  • You can edit the start screen
  • You can add your own tiles
  • Change tiles colours
  • You can even add a android widget to the tiles
  • More then 100+ colours available for tiles
  • Feature to switch the theme to a list form
  • Features tiles,like time ,pictures and contact photo.


3. Facebook Home

 This launchers makes your phones to look and performs the work of a facebook home as it brings updates of what your friends are up to on your home screen, this launcher is all about facebook, it a beautiful fame it brings pictures in and also contact pictures. It helps in utilizing the ultimate facebook dreams.
facebook home launcher for android device

Features Of Facebook Home

  • SMS integration via Chat Heads
  • Facebook home on your homepage
  • Updated facebook updates
  • Photo frames 


4. Nova Launcher

This is another great laucher for android, it also beautifies your android device with the infinite troll on the homepage of your android device. It also has a great scrollable docks so you can easily find your favorite apps.
nova launcher for android device

Features Of Nova Launcher

  • Scroll effects
  • Bulk Add
  • Colour Themes
  • Activities Shortcuts
Thanks for reading customizing your android phones is one of the best ways you can have fun with your device, all these android launcher listed above can be gotten from playstore for free.


  1. I personally use the go launcher ex for my tablet and for my family. The only downside to go launcher is the notifications for their other apps. It doesn't come up often but it does show up more than the other launchers.


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