Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Powerful Tips To Make Your Fiverr Gigs Attractive And To Get Sales (Part 1)

A lot of people who use fiverr make no sale for the first month or second month or even forever, I recently published a post on great Fiverr ideas for gigs to get sales, if you have not read it please do so now as it will make you understand this post very well.

Like I gave you Fiverr gigs idea and you have successfully picked one and have created a gig on fiverr, the next thing to do is to make the gig very attractive to client. Making your fiverr gig very attractive matters a lot because the client will not know if you are good at what you do unless you prove to them by explaining and describing your gig very well.

In this post I will share some tips on how to get sales on a new fiverr gig under a week or two weeks as far you work on it.

Tips To Help Make Your Fiverr Gig Attractive To Get Sales

1. Description Of The Fiverr Gig

This is a very important part of a fiverr gig, this tells your client what you gig is all about and what it offers to them if they order your gig. Now to make your description very attractive; tell them how important and professional your gig is, unique and also you can add experience.
Note: Don't start lying if you don't have something to prove or backup

2. Gig Picture

When creating your gig, do not use common pictures as this will make you gig look unprofessional so design your picture or get a picture that is not on fiverr because as a client if I see a picture more than twice on fiverr on different gigs I will order your gig.
So try as much as possible to make your Fiverr gig unique.

3. Gig Video

For every gig you have try as much as possible to create a video for the gigs explaining what is offers and not also there a saying that Fiverr uses video gigs on the featured gigs so if your gig does not have a video it can not be featured in fiverr. So to easily get you gig featured which really helps getting sales.
So when you create a gig, try as much as possible to create a video for the gig for better exposure.

4. Offer Bonus

Offering bonus is one of the major facts that attract sales is bonus when you ready to give much than the usual value present on fiverr, so what you can do is to scan through the Top Seller and see what they offer. So when gigs are giving out 4, give out 5 or even 6.
I know it not easy but later when you have client coming and going you can adjust it back to what you are comfortable with 

Thanks for reading I will be finishing the remaining tips on how to make your fiverr gig attractive to get more sale tomorrow. please say tuned. 

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  1. Thanks mate I have started using this fivvr from few days ago and now I have understand how to utilise this one !

    1. thanks for leaving a comment, fiverr is really a great place to make cool and easy money


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