Thursday, 13 June 2013

How To Hide Your facebook Friend List From Your Profile

As most of us know it, facebook is really a great place and has been a great place to meet old friends and also meet new ones and even interact with them. One of facebook aim is to increase users privacy on the social network so new changes always roll up especially to help increase one's privacy on the site.  Now there is a new update which is "how to hide facebook friends list"

When I mean hide, even people that are your friends will not see your friends list on your profile talk less of people that are not your friends. Facebook has notice that some facebook users check out other users friends list to see the friends and also some business friends and they will add them up without asking from the friend whose list was checked.

How To Hide Facebook Friends List

If you have decide you want to hide your facebook friends list, this is how to do it with easy and not having any problem. This is a new feature facebook just introduced and not a tweak or trick so you don't have anything to be scared of.

Step 1: Login To Your Facebook Account

Step 2: After logged in to your account, type this to your address bar “

Step 3: Click on "Edit" and then "Edit Privacy"

how to hide facebook friends list

Step 4: After that, From the "friends list" menu click on the drop down arrow and select "Only Me"
how to hide facebook friends list -privacy settings

Step 5: Click on close and you are done

If you follow the steps showed in both the pictures and in the best you are meant to get a pop up saying  "change Successful" and that it, you have just hid your friends list from your profile.

Once the changes has been made, Only you can see your friends list and no one else can see it, by doing this you are protecting the rights of the people who are in your friends list and also increasing the privacy level of your facebook account. I hope you have learned on "How To Hide Facebook friend List"


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