Monday, 23 January 2012

How to Download Latest videos on Your mobile Phone

Hello palz,

I have heard some people complaining about how they can get a video on their mobile phone, especially recent videos (ie mostly musical, films, cartoons, thrillers of movies).

Now we have realized that most videos are normally uploaded on the internet, for example youtube etc.

This solution that I have gotten is not only for YouTube but for all video uploading and downloading site,  all this mobile videos can be gotten from a website called  which is only a mobile websites, this is a website that you can get all series of videos as far as it on the internet.

To get a require video from this site u will need some (identification) of the videos because there are thousands of this videos in this site so your information must be real.

You will need the specific name of the videos: most times this can be difficult to get but me all I do is search the video online on search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo etc, and when I get it, I copy the name to the last then I paste it on the search column on  and the enter button and it will bring it up, but if the name of the video is common among videos online many option/videos will come out, so you have to keep on checking until you find it.

Most people may say a video just came out and you cannot find it in mobile now but I will tell you it lies because once the video is uploaded on net you will be able to find it on , and it will convert it to your phone format and it will be downloadable for you.

 Try this only on Mobile Phones


  1. For making the download of the video song you have first search the website for it. After choosing it you can make the download. Also you can go for your mobile store where you can find every thing.

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