Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What to consider when purchasing a computer

Computers has been one of the world leading selling technology since it was inverted,  a computer is used by everyone now in any kind of occupation or line of study.

I want to discuss about things you should consider when buying/purchasing a computer.

There are different kinds of computer in the market for different purposes with different features; all you have to do is looking for the one that is suitable to your occupation, field, study and purpose.

A computer a architect use is different from the computer a typist is using so you have to consider that.
I want to point out some examples so you can understand where am driving at.

If I want to buy a computer and am much of a gamer (I always play games on my computer) I don’t need a computer that is low in RAM (Random Access Memory), Graphic Strength and Processor is low because as the years goes higher graphics games are released and I can’t keep on changing my computer anytime a new game comes out. So if you are a gamer pick my points when selecting a computer.

If you are a architect and you want to buy a computer  because you will need it to draw, edit and also print in 3D format you will also need these features RAM (Random Access Memory), Graphic Strength,  Processor and you will need an external mouse. So be sure when buying a computer.

I hope you get what I mean when it has to do with your field, occupation

In also selecting a computer you will need to know if you are gentle on computer or rough, if you want it installed at home (desktop) / office or a portable mobile computer (laptop). My recommendation if you are a rough person I will ask you to purchase a DELL computer it’s the toughest and rugged computer I know of.

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