Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How To Backup Bookmarks And Data On A Android Phone

Nowadays backing up your files is the essential thing now, I have showed you how to backup your files in windows 7, am now going to show you how to backup your Android Phone.

The rate that which people lose files is really alarming, though phones then was meant for voice calls but now phones are use for emails and other internet communication, so this is to show ways of how to backup your Android Phones

Google  Can Backup Your Setting For Android

Google’s own Android product offers the ability to save certain settings, such as preferences, bookmarks, and custom dictionary words on Google server with your Google account.
How to enable it
·  Go to Settings, Personal, Backup and reset, and select both Backup my data and Automatic restore.
·  Go to Settings, Personal, Accounts & Sync, and select your Google account.
·  Select all of the option boxes listed, to ensure that all available data is synced
Though the specific procedure may slightly vary between Android devices, the process is generally the same. The above example is for Google Nexus S devices.

Back Up Additional Settings

For data that Google doesn't directly back up (such as SMS/MMS messages, playlists, and alarms), you can use third-party software. One popular choice is MyBackup Pro, which allows secure backups to remote servers or your own memory card, and automated scheduling.
The software isn't free (it costs $4.99), but you can try it free for a trial period to see whether it meets your needs. To begin backing up, simply download the MyBackup Pro app from the AndroidMarket or from PCWorld'sAndroid AppGuide, and then launch the app from your phone.
Back up pictures and Videos Manually.
For other important data on your android phone, you can back it up manually with your computer
  1. Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable, and it will show up as an external hard drive. For Macs, you may need to first download a tool called Android File Transfer.
  2. Select the disk, and navigate to the DCIM folder. This folder contains your video and picture data.
  3. Select the data files that you want to back up, and drag them to an area on your computer, such as your desktop. The selected files will copy over to your computer.



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