Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How to Download Paid Android Apps for Free

How to download paid Android Apps for free is totally possible. some may thing it not, like I have said before it totally possible do download paid apps for free, you most have paid apps have the most features that free apps that run adverts when play, that looks annoying to me lol, so if you are tired of those free apps, learn how to download paid Android apps totally free!

how to download paid android apps for free
Like we know Android came to grab the mobile market by force and it has been holding it for a long time now, so the the apps developing developing new Android applications which are mostly paid, am not against that.  If you have the money you can just pay the apps to encourage the developers to do more but if you don't have enough cash you can just learn how to download the paid apps for free with having installations issues.

What You Require To Download Paid Android Apps For Free

There are certain things you will need to download paid apps for free with having issues.
  1. A computer: This can be a laptop or a desktop for downloading and searching for the Android apps
  2. Internet Connection: this also important to gain access to into the internet.
  3. USB Cable: This will be used to transfer the Android apps that have been downloaded into your Android phone.
  4. Android Device: Yes! you also need this to test if the apps works.

Ways On How To Download Paid Android Apps For Free

Yes! there are different ways of getting or downloading paid apps for free, there is also the common way which is downloading in Applanet and get cracked the application for free, but most of us have experience it that after a while the file will be corrupted or downloads failing. So i sort out for alternative the i found this ways.

Free Files Sharing Site 

This are sites such as 4shared.com, mediafire.com and so on it a site that contains millions of files such as Andriod apps,in the search bar you will type the Android app name with the extension, Android extension is .apk, so if you want to download the screen launcher you type this ADW Launcher.apk and click the search button, different application relating to what you typed or different version so download either the latest or the one closest to the latest one the market. After you have downloaded it locate where you have downloaded it on your computer and transfer to your Android phone, know the location you sent it in your phone.

Now using a file explorer like Astro, go to that location on your phone and simply click on it and install the app.

Downloading From Amazon

Downloading paid Android apps for free or cheaper from amazon is a lot better because the site is well updated with new Android apps and lots more, since it Amazon there are often promo special during holidays so you can easily download paid Android apps lot cheaper there.

BlackMart Alpha app

how to download paid apps for free with Blackmart Alpha app

BlackMart Alpha is also an Android app which allows you to download paid Android apps for free all you have to do is download BlackMart Alpha app and install it, after doing that open the app, it will have the same interface with Android Market, so search for your paid android app and download it for free with problems.

Those are my method of downloading paid Android apps for free, what your own ways? share with us by using the comment box. Thanks for reading and also please click on the social media buttons below to share the post to your friends. thanks


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