Friday, 1 June 2012

Latest Opera Mini For Android And All Basic Phones

Most of us who use android phones and want opera mini for Android because android has a different OS opera mini for android is slightly different from other opera mini.

Am now happy to tell you that Opera Software has made available which is supported by all basic phones, the new version is now also available for BlackBerry devices
Probably the biggest feature addition in Opera Mini 7 is the new smart page feature that displays a one-page summary of social networking activities on Facebook and Twitter. Instead of having to navigate to the sites manually, it is now possible to view a summary of the most important events, messages received for instance, on the summary page directly.

But Smart Page does more than summarize social activities on supported social networking sites. It also acts as a news reader that you can configure to display news that are of interest to you.
Using the Smart Page in Opera Mini 7, you’ll not only be kept up to date on the latest happenings in your social life, but other news, as well. The Smart Page includes suggestions for news sites to follow, as well as the possibility for you to add the feeds of sites you browse most often.
The Speed Dial entry limit has been removed from Opera Mini 7, which means that Opera Mini users have now options to add as many Speed Dial entries to the browser as they want.
The latest version of Opera Mini 7 for all supported phones can be downloaded directly from Opera’s mobile download site.



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