Friday, 3 August 2012

iTransmission:Download Movies From Torrents to Your iPhone and iPad

The last time I did a post of movies downloading, it was on how to download movies on blackberry, today am going to share a new way to download movies from torrents  for iphone and iPad. I know we must be familiar with downloading movies from torrents, but what happens when you don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity around or the connectivity of the Wi-Fi is not that strong and you want to download new movie or your long awaited movie (I know how that feels).

Now the possible solution to that taste or want of that movie is to install a torrent client on your iPhone and I will suggest an amazing application that can help you in this quest called iTransmission, this application or client works for jailbroken devices

To get this client is very easy, you must add, InsanelyI Cydia repo ( iTransmission is currently in alpha mode, so you may just experience a few bugs. It’s very easy to use, works very well, and works for both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad and perhaps one of the most convenient ways of downloading torrents on your Apple devices

Now for more details on how this amazing application works, check out more information CultofMac.

The good feature about this application is that it is Wi-Fi compatible. A lot of us use a limited data plan for our iPhone and the data cap is usually around 1GB , but with Wi-Fi on, you could skip the step of downloading torrent on your PC.

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  1. Better yet.. From Cydia install VLC player and iFile. Then you are able to download, watch, delete/manage your video files all from your ipad. No need for a mac or pc!


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