Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How To Connect Samsung Galaxy S 2 To PC

Samsung Galaxy S2 is a very good and unique phone but most users complain about that they are not able to connect their Samsung Galaxy S2 to PC or computer/laptops. Sometimes when you try you will see this message “Android MTP failed”on the screen of your phone.

In this post am going to share two right and easy ways to connect Samsung Galaxy S2 to your PC, this methods have been tried and tested and the result i got is that it works. So please kindly follow the steps to below carefully to make it work for you :) .

Methods On How To Connect Samsung Galaxy S2 To PC

All you have to do is to pick the suitable method that you can use and understand and try it out and if it does not work you can try another method.

Method 1

  1. Install Samsung KIES latest version.
  2. On your mobile go to Menu> Settings> Applications> USB Debugging.
  3. Enable USB Debugging.
  4.  Connect your Galaxy S 2 with your PC using an USB Data Cable.
  5. From the mobile status bar enable “connect usb storage”.
  6. After performing the above steps you can now connect you Samsung Galaxy S2 to you PC and explore.
Method 2
You can also connect Samsung Galaxy S2 using the device's Bluetooth. follow the steps below for connecting the device and remember this will only work if the PC has a Bluetooth.
  1. You can connect a laptop with Bluetooth connection or a PC equipped with Bluetooth hardware and with proper drivers installed
  2. On your phone go to Menu > Settings.
  3.  Find out “Wireless and Network” in the settings menu.
  4. Go to Wireless and Network > Bluetooth settings.
  5. You shall be taken to the Bluetooth settings page.
  6. Inside the Bluetooth settings page you shall have to tick the box “Bluetooth”. Now scan the air in search of your PC or Laptop’s Bluetooth signal.
  7. When your SGS2 will find the Bluetooth radio of your PC, it will show it in the screen.
  8. Select the name of your PC’s Bluetooth device which will be shown in your mobile’s screen.
  9. Now the PC will show a Bluetooth connection window.
  10. Send the pairing code from it to pair both the devices. after that some drivers will install on your PC for the Samsung Galaxy.
  11. After that you are done!!!
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