Sunday, 30 December 2012

How To Renew DSTV Subscription Online Using QuickTeller

DSTV is one of the famous among the numerous satellite Television channels provider in Africa and Nigeria especially, DSTV has always tried to make their services better which is kind of interesting and attractive, first; DSTV brought down the prices of the different bouquet, second: DSTV introduced more bouquet for costumers to feel more comfortable and so on.
pay dstv subscriotion online

Recently DSTV introduced how to subscribe for DSTV cable television online, Yes! you can pay online without the need of going to banks, DSTV offices or centers and so on for subscription payment, you can now do that at your own comfort wherever you are at as internet access, payment of DSTV subscription online is possible.

Right from your mobile device, if most of us don't have a desktop or a laptop to browse and use to make payment. DSTV subscription payment can be done from any device that can access the internet, which make it even better because 90% of mobile user can access the internet with their mobile device.

Steps To Make DSTV Subscription Payment Online

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Register at the website

Step 3: Click on "Pay DSTV bills", and then pick your DSTV Bouquet and the price.

Step 4: Click on the "Pay" button next Bouquet you are paying for,

Step 5: Fill the next pay that asks for Phone Number and DSTV Smart card number

Step 6: You will be ask for your payment card, you can either use your Naira/Nigeria  Master card or your Interswitch cards  because this are the most common cards used in e-payment. 

After the processes and steps it will notify you that your payment has been successful and in addition that a text message will be sent to that Phone number  and also an email.

How To Activate the DSTV Subscription

After you have confirm that your payment was successful,  you need to activate it, do so by following this steps
Step 1: Tune your DSTV to African Magic

Step 2: Dial 01 2703232 (This Multi-Choice contact number) on the number you registered with,

Step 3:Listen to the voice prompt, then press 1 on your mobile phone

Step 4: then, you will be asked to enter the first ten digits of your DSTV Smart card number, after entering the number,  press the # key.

Allow for some time (few minutes precisely) for Multi-Choice to activate your subscription.
That it!!!! very simple.... Good luck


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