Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Unique Ways Of Getting Real Twitter Followers For Free

There are different ways of getting lots of twitter followers, but the question is that are the twitter followers real? some people don't really know the difference between real twitter followers and also fake followers also know as bots. Imagine someone have close to 500 twitter followers which the person bought from these twitter followers from one site but still it looks like the person is the only one on twitter lol, these followers don't tweet or talk less of retweet, all they do is fill in the space of twitter followers which I don't like, I don't know about you. If you want REAL twitter followers the continue reading this post and I will share with you can I get my twitter followers.
how to get real followers for free

In the past I have written on this topic too how to get twitter followers but this method is lots more stressful and you will use a lot of data and internet connection and sometime money, but this method that I want to share will show you how to get more twitter followers from twitter itself. Yea! it sounds weird right? but it true that is the best place to get real follows and buy followers not know you are buying bots which will unfollow you later.

How I Got Real Twitter Followers From Twitter

I believe in the proverb " No pain No gain" so you might find this ways somehow stressful but the results are quick and work well so try and trust me.

Follow People On Twitter

Yes! I know what you are about to say but that the truth about it, you need to get people to know about you and that you exist on twitter, you are not a celebrity so why will people on twitter search for you? You need to create this sense of awareness on twitter, so how do you go about this? You can head up to the celebrities followers and start checking their followers out and follow them and mention them and ask for a follow back politely and before you know you will start see followers flowing in. Please I won't encourage you start unfollowing them after following you back, I don't like that and I think twitter peeps don't know that too. 
Don't expect to get 1000 follower when you have only followed 20 people and mention them, you will get like 18 out them within 24hours, so the more you follow the more the follow back. Try it and feed me back please. With this method I got over 180 followers within 1 hour 30 minutes

Create A Interesting Profile

This helps too, all you have to do is creating a very interesting BIO about you, please I beg you be real, don't pretend because this might tend to affect you later when you tweet the opposite, being very constructive helps you get this follows easy when the visit your profile and find you and see who you really are they will follow especially if you have followed the way above or even without the way. I don't like following people with scary profile picture, so please don't use scary picture.

Post Interesting Tweets And Relate With Others

This is another important way of getting followers and also retaining the followers you have already, don't just be quiet, as this won't make you gain anything, be updated, tweet about interesting topics, get in the discussions of other, this will allow make friends and for you followers to trust you and invite their own followers to follow you, as you know this will increase your followers. If you have a twitter account for your business this will help you make what you expect or more than. Getting the trust of your followers this the best for you to do. So Tweet, Retweet, Qoute others, Reply, DM others and have fun while doing this and see how your twitter followers will increase.

Always Be Polite On Twitter

Be polite on twitter because you don't know who is looking, try as much as possible to be nice and free to others, yes! i know there are some people who just want to step on your toes on twitter but ignore them and continue what you want to do. Remember twitter is a social community, so have fun in everything.

Still having problem tweeting from your java or Symbian phone then you need to check out this my post which shows you have to use Ubersocial on these devices and share.

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