Monday, 27 May 2013

How To Run WhatsApp On PC Easily

A lot of people find it difficult on how to run WhatsApp on PC easily, like I posted on how to download WhatApp on PC but a people find it difficult to make it work, so I have decided to make another post on how to run Whatsapp application on their computers or even on MAC operating system. This method ill make use of a emulator sometime called a Android Emulator by the name BlueStacks. 
how to run whatsapp on pc

BlueStacks is an application or emulator which allows computer users to use Android application on their computers thereby enjoying what Android user are enjoying. So it this case we will make use of the Android Whatsapp application and make it work for computer using the emulator.

How To Run WhatsApp On PC - Steps

Step 1: You need to download BlueStacks For computers if you don't already have on your computers and if you have jump straight to Step 2. To click download Bluestacks Or here To download Bluestacks. After downloading install it.

How to run whatsapp on pc easily

Step 2: After installing, click on whatsapp seen from the picture above and if your bluestacks does not appear like this, make use of the search box and search for "WhatsApp Messenger" and download and install it.

Steps 3: After installing or during the process of installing, whatsapp ask for some details such as country, phone number where it will send the verification code to. You have to fill in this to enable the application run whatsapp on your pc.

Step 4: After filling in the detail and getting the verification code, insert the verification code to the specified field and install the application.

Step 5: You are now free to add contact by insert friends numbers that are already on whatsapp to enable them be added to your contact list and start chatting.

Note: Before you can perform the process on how to run whatsapp on pc and the steps in this post you have to be connected to a internet and without internet it can not be achieved.

 This is the method on how to run WhatsApp on PC easily, I hope you like it and found it useful? thanks. please kindly drop a comment about the post.


  1. How do I download whatsapp on iPad?

    1. To download WhatsApp for iPad you will first need the WhatsApp app on an iPhone.

      1. You first need to sign up for WhatsApp on an iPhone. Just borrow an iPhone and sign up for WhatsApp and enter in your phone number. If WhatsApp is already installed on the iPhone you will have to delete the app and download the app again.

      2. Then download and install iFunBox, which allows you to manage your apps on your iPad.

      3. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open the iFunBox app. You will see User Applications, click that then select WhatsApp from the list. Copy and paste the Documents and Library folder onto your desktop.

      4. Disconnect the iPhone from your computer and reconnect your iPad. Open iFunBox again and go to your iPad. Then go to User Applications again and select the WhatsApp app. Now, you’re going to take the Documents and Library folder you copied to your desktop and move them into the WhatsApp folder in iFunBox.

      5. Now WhatsApp should be working on your iPad. Simply disconnect your iPad and start using WhatsApp for iPad.

      Note: if you get an error message that says “Sorry, your device is currently not supported” this is because the WhatsApp app requires you to only register one phone number to each device.

      You may have opened the WhatsApp app on your iPhone and made the app on your iPad invalid. Simply repeat the process and delete WhatsApp from your iPhone.


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