Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Main Reason For Christmas

We all know we are in a season of celebration as we celebrate the birth of our Lord JESUS Christ,
Jesus is the son of God to who was to the family of Joseph and Mary is mother, Jesus who the devil try to kill before and after is birth but escaped all that.
but some people celebrate christmas without knowing the main reason for christmas apart from the birth of JESUS

So i have decided to write a post on the main reason for christmas. Now we all know Jesus was born which we all celebrate on the 25th of December both there are other things we must fulfill as we celebrate.
1. The birth of our Lord JESUS: Jesus the son of God was born in a manger so we are suppose to go out to preach to people about Jesus Christ and they should be celebrate and also preach the word in place the word of God has not yet reached
2. To share the Word of God to people around us to tell them the main reason (like what am doing)
3. To share with the less privileged: This is a period not just to celebrate Christmas with our family only but to give to the poor and people who can also afford it and make everyone around you happy.
4. To accelerate the country economic: this a period to pray concerning our country and the leader for a brighter tomorrow
5. By exchanging gift with love ones: this is time to exchange gifts to your friends, neighbor, your family and also the poor
6. Tell people that there is hope, peace and care no matter what:  this is a period to tell people that there is hope aand peace for everyone no matter what he or she is facing in life.
  This is a chance to add or ask questions about christmas and am sure I or someone will answer your question
And i want to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS



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